Dream Dress Demetrios 4255

Dream Dress Demetrios 4255

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Dream By A Lake

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

White Bride

My Opinion On: The Bride and Her Dress:

The dress and bouquet shouldn't be so extravagant and flashy that they take away from her face. They should exemplify her personality.

I want my man to see me. Personally, I want to wear something soft-looking, white to the "W", and elegant. I want to look like I glide when I walk down that aisle, and be myself; everything my fiance dreamed of.

I like little things, so I like looking wonderful with just minimal touches. Close to simple, but not quite. There has to be enough in my dress, but not too much. Not like a ballgown, not like I'm rich, and something I can actually move in. I want to be modest, because it's my nature. I have to feel comfortable, and light on my feet.

Usually, from what I've seen and heard, you never need to worry about that stuff because your man gives you the wings to lift you off your feet once your eyes meet. Forget anything possibly going to ruin, so long as he's there-you're just happy that you're here in this moment that you always dreamed of- to get married to someone you feel very close to, and wish to take the rest of the journey of your life with.

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